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                    • Visit Our Company at: Address: Fujian Cheng An Digital Technology Co., Ltd Fujian Overseas Students Pioneer Park-A615 No. 108, Jiangbin East Avenue, Mawei District, Fuzhou, Fujian China
                    • Have a Questions? Call Us 0591-83972818
                    • Contact with Us sales@abfcctv.com
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                    Industrial Zoom Series

                    /Zoom lens manual iris camera lenses MV4-18/8mp/C/IR
                    Zoom lens manual iris

                    Zoom lens manual iris camera lenses MV4-18/8mp/C/IR

                    Day/Night IR Zoom lens manual iris camera lenses

                    Extensive application scenarios: High speed ETC, gate, airport, bank, station, etc


                      Fujian Cheng An Digital Technology Co., Ltd.  
                      Zoom lens manual iris camera lenses MV4-18/8mp/C/IR  
                       8 MEGA   4-18mm   VARI   METAL  
                      1/1.8"   ZOOM   MV   C-mt  
                      Category Parameters
                    1. Model No  MV4-18/8mp/C/IR
                    2. Focal Length 4-18mm
                    3. Format 1/1.8"
                    4. D/fˊ 1:1.4
                    5. Mount C-Mount
                    6. H/V 1/1.8" W103.2x76.8°
                    7. BFL 17.53mm
                    8. iris W/Lock
                    9. Zoom W/Lock
                    10. MTF 8Mega Pixels
                    11. M.O.D(m) 0.50m
                    12. Dimension Φ46x69.5mm
                    13. Weight(g) 197g
                    14. Structure Aluminium Alloy+11G
                    15. Filter size ---
                    16. Distortion ---
                    17. Remarks Designed by Fujian Cheng An

                    Product Features:

                    1. Day/Night version, with 8 Megapixels

                    2. Extensive application scenarios: High speed ETC, gate, airport, bank, station, etc

                    3. 8 Mega Pixels

                    4. Focus range: 4-18mm

                    5. OEM/ODM orders are welcome

                    6. Good phase consistency.

                    7. Belong to: Zoom lens   


                    Excellent efficacy:


                    Our 4-18mm zoom lens is a manual zoom lens, with adopt new large-aperture mirrow design, multi-layer coated glass lens and all-metal appearance compact design. It has high optical trasnmittance, good picture uniformity, high image quality resolution, sensing infrared function


                    Essential details


                    Place of Origin:

                    Fujian, China

                    Brand Name:

                    Cheng An

                    Sensor Area:


                    Mount Type:


                    Supply Ability:

                    20000 Piece/Pieces per Month



                    Packing Details:

                    1pc Lenses into each Bubble bag;

                    1 bag into each white box;

                    50pcs boxes Lenses/Carton, or as your requested

                    Lead Time:

                    Within 3 working days for normal orders.

                    Or to be negotiated for bulk orders.


                    Professional Team:

                    With strong R&D ability, advanced production line and strict QC system, we have established good reputation in both domestic and overseas market. OEM & ODM business are warmly welcomed.


                    Shipping Details:

                    Normally to ship by TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx or etc for normal orders, or as requested by customers.

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                    If you are interested in ChengAn or our our products, and want to know more details, please leave a message here, we will reply you as soon as we can.
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                    Zoom lens manual iris camera lenses MV4-18/8mp/C/IR

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                    If you are interested in ChengAn or our our products, and want to know more details, please leave a message here, we will reply you as soon as we can.





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